Spectrum Computer Supplies Ltd trades as a distributor of electronic office supplies to a wide variety of market segments.

The Company is committed to legal compliance, minimisation of environmental pollution and continuous improvement. In line with the requirements of ISO 14001:1996 'Environmental Management Systems - Specification with Guidance for Use', actions are in place to achieve improvements in our overall environmental performance.


We provide returns to the Environment Agency (which have been audited as satisfactory), and supply packaging recovery notes to Pennine-Pack. We re-process our waste cardboard packaging and we arrange for waste plastic packaging to be recycled.


The Company endeavours to co-operate with OEM supplier schemes and programmes aimed at improving environmental aspects of their products.

In addition, we work with an Environment Agency accredited re-processor. We arrange collection of empty products from our customers via a carrier registered under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989. Products are re-manufactured where possible, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This is all conducted in accordance with SPECTRUM's registration as a Broker of Controlled Waste with the Environment Agency, under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 and under Regulation 3 of the Controlled Waste Regulations 1991.

The Company also encourages, wherever possible, the use of environmentally friendly products. These include recycled toner and ink cartridges, paper products with low chlorine content which are produced from sustainable forest sources, and cleaning products (aerosols) which are CFC-free.

A management review of Spectrum's environmental responsibilities is held annually. All practices adopted by the Company are reviewed for their suitability, and any new objectives are assessed and implemented as required.